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The addictive mega-hit Temple Run is now out for Android. All your friends are playing it. Can you beat their high scores?! You've stolen the cursed idol from the temple, and now you have to run for your life to escape the Evil Demon Monkeys nipping at your heels. Test your reflexes as you race down ancient temple walls and along sheer cliffs. Swipe to turn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins and buy power-ups, unlock new characters, and see how far you can run.
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Temple Run Mod Apk Download

Temple Run Mod Apk

An endless and nonstop running game where the player controls a running figure that must avoid obstacles and foes. The iOS and Android versions of Temple Run Mod Apk have been developed parallel. Imangi Studios is the company behind the project.

The game has sold well and received positive reviews from critics. Keith Shepherd and Natalia Lukyanova, a husband-and-wife combination, invented, developed, and produced Temple Run Apk, with artwork by Kiril Tchangov.

Temple Run Mod Apk

The player-controlled figure steals a golden idol from an Aztec temple situated in a marsh, which serves as the game’s environment. For this reason, the Evil Demon Monkeys attempt to capture the player. Consequently, the game starts when the player grabs the idol. And ends when the character is abducted by the monkeys.

Or runs into an impediment on their way through the game. This time the icon will return to the temple for another attempt at stealing it from the player. Swiping controls are used to move and control the character in Temple Run Apk’s world. Swipes upward, downward.

And to the side, all-cause the surface to move in the opposite direction of where the swipe was made. Swipes to the side have the opposite effect. With the gyroscope on the phone, you can tilt it to have the character sprint from side to side inside the region’s bonds and earn money. It is possible to buy new characters and items for the player’s collection with the money they have made.

Temple Run Apk Latest Features

Several New Ones

The game may be completed in nine groups, including the credits. Which are the last group of the game. A total of nine hundred coins are required to complete the credits level. Which comprises just five levels. To get these coins, you’ll have to climb and down the steps. Other additions include spikes and ladders, among other things. A lot of power-ups are available to help you along the way.

New & Powerful Weapons

The new version of this game comes with a few new and powerful weapons. For example, Temple Run Mod Apk Gun allows you to fire slow-moving projectiles that damage your opponents significantly. In addition, you may utilize the temple run energy sword, which has a higher speed, allowing you to strike more quickly.

Energy Sword

It can inflict a considerable number of status ailments and do severe damage. The most recent addition to this arsenal of weapons is an unlimited money mod apk. Which allows you to spend your money on any weapons and gear you like.

Secret Treasures

In all, the game has twenty levels of treasure-hunting to choose from. To find the reward, you may go out and search for it on your own. The latter is harder to accomplish since you are not always directed to the prizes. The process is significantly easier until you download the map and then install it. A treasure trail may be started on the iOS version of Temple Run Mod Apk Download and then returned for a new one.


You can purchase anything in the game from retailers. Temple Run Mod Apk Free Download contains a shop where players may buy weapons, outfits, power-ups, and other items they will need to progress through the game’s many stages and unlock new ones. There are two types of shops: one specializing in weapons and another having a wide variety of goods. In addition to temples and the game’s outside border, shops may be located throughout the game.

New Obstacles

After finishing a level in Temple Run Apk Mod, you will get a temple mod, a file containing extra obstacles you may conquer. It’s common to see two large doors obstructing your path in several stories. Now that you’ve got the lever, you can push your way past the obstacles. This will need the discovery and activation of yet another lever, which will provide a passageway via spinning platforms, allowing you to continue your journey.

Run Through Temples

A wide range of challenges awaits you in the New Moon, allowing you to put your abilities to the test against a wide range of opponents. To put it simply, if you’re good enough, you can keep going until you’ve used up all of your lives, at which time you should stop.

New looks & Difficulties

The consequence is that you only have a limited number of lives on certain levels, which necessitates that you become proficient at deciding when to use them. This kind of game might be tiresome for some players, but you should know the five available difficulty levels. The Temple Run Mod Apk climbing, balancing, and other features should be a lot of fun for you.

What's new

We are 10!!!
Join us in celebrating these years of escaping from traps, falls, and one estranged Demon Monkey.
A gift of gold awaits the players seeking the nostalgia of the adventure that began it all.



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