Clash of Kings Mod Apk (Unlimited Money/Gold) 


New face for the old city! Change the old look for the new seven-year anniversary castle skin, log in to receive the new look for your city (permanent skin)! The new night city is the start of a new era!
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Download Clash of Kings Mod Apk 8.02.0 (Unlimited Resources)

Clash of Kings Mod Apk (Unlimited Money) introduces gamers to mainstream stories where you will be the rightful heir to a kingdom that once thrived under the hands of your ancestors. Unfortunately, centuries of corruption and unjust rule have led the government into chaos. Now, as the empire is in danger of being overthrown by enemies, you must stand up and hold on to your destiny. Be the one to lead the people and fight the enemies until peace and prosperity are restored in these beautiful lands.

The world and its level in the Clash of Kings are endless for players to explore or fight endlessly to find resources and resources. They see dozens of empires built in an overflowing area everywhere they go, creating ideal conditions for players to become more ingenious in designing attack tactics. In addition, many special forces or monsters will appear alongside the kingdoms to divide the journey. 

Clash of Kings Mod Apk 8.02.0 For Android 

In the Clash of Kings, you will find yourself trapped in internal conflicts between many kingdoms in the universe. With the enemy at the gate, you can choose to humble yourself or fight again and gain your fame and dominion. Take various in-game levels where you will get a little familiar with the controls and gameplay. In addition, you will also receive valuable rewards that will help you stand against invading enemies and eventually gain control of your kingdom.

Start your famous journey in Clash of Kings as you learn to build an empire in a war-torn country. Use plenty of different buildings to collect valuable resources, start hiring your troops to prepare for your upcoming trip, and don’t forget to fortify your city to prevent enemy attacks. Enjoy the heat of battle as you dive into an exciting strategy game.

Enjoy this classic strategy game as you build your city with many buildings and castles. Explore the surrounding areas to look for resources and places you can win. Ask your new troops and train your troops to make them more robust during the war. Participated in many raids and battles to defend the tower. Join the kingdoms of your choice and improve your levels to become a king.

Depending on the player’s initial journey, their content or development process is different but will still be associated with the state-building element. Each option will give them other ways to travel to nations or fighting styles and allow players to choose or form a military team. As they thrive in areas where they are most proud, new opportunities or opportunities open up.

Clash of Kings Gameplay

Clash of Kings Mod Apk is very popular and is one of the best online Strategy Games for Android. In the Clash of Kings game, you have to start a real challenge with the internet and play with your friends and other players. In this strategy game, you have to start over in 7 different kingdoms and build your nation in the world of dreams. With this game, you have to build your world and make your world complete with architecture within the game for you.

Fighting with other players is always fun when they have high-quality and advanced defense systems. However, players can steal large quantities of resources and other items as they take in complex and dangerous battles. Players can also compare or attack their rivals to steal resources from their empire, thus creating a cycle of looting between players.

Download Clash of Kings for free is one of the best strategy games where it combines many different features or concepts for players to enjoy and immerse in. Their kingdoms or mercenaries may be successful or extraordinary because of their ability to direct and lead on a bloodthirsty but glorious journey. 

The sharpness and driving in this game are given due to the ongoing threat: a powerful enemy constantly strives to seize power in seven kingdoms. The task of a wise ruler is to devise effective strategies to ensure the protection of his people. The gold coin mod and booster will improve the weapons of warfare and make the victory more realistic and achievable.

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Premium Features of Clash of Kings Mod Apk

  • Real-time strategy multiplayer games and battles!
  • Build a kingdom and clash with your enemies in the free realm of dreams!
  • Collect resources as you build great empires.
  • Defending yourself against the running of the tower is very important in attacking the enemy empire.
  • SimCity as the building of the city of your lord’s kingdom!
  • Defend your empire by using a solid war strategy!
  • Enjoy war games and PVP action on your mobile phone or tablet!
  • Clash of Kings supports both!

What,s New?

  • Event preview
  • Fire Eagle Chest
  • The Blessing of the Moon
  • Many gifts

MOD Features

Additional information:

App NameClash of Clans Mod Apk
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Money/Gold
Latest Version8.02.0
File Size145 MB

Final Verdict

Clash of Kings is an online multiplayer game where you strive to control cities, cities, and resources. You will be competing with tens of thousands of players from all over the world. To gain wealth and develop your empire, you will need to complete two critical goals in the game. First, you will be fighting other nations in an attempt to seize their power.

Second, you will build alliances with other countries to grow your army and help one another in times of war and siege. Naturally, if you can wage war and build partnerships, you will go far in the game. Your dream empire needs both a strong case and a strong defense. Clash of Kings allows you to build massive empires with advanced buildings and tons of medieval tactics so you can protect your kingdom from the rush of the enemy tower.


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